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From Twitter 01-15-2010

  • 02:08:36: @aergonaut please not facebook. PLEASE. I'd sooner relegate myself to homebrew servers and hackslash personal websites than facebook.
  • 03:43:46: I am so awesome that I just asked Mefi about the dragonriders of Pern. NERD HIGH FIVES
  • 17:06:22: @jamiewatson SUPER creepy. I'd ship Creddie if Freddie would not be such a creeper, at least a *little* bit, but... seriously. Tisn't right.
  • 17:32:22: oh lord Neil Gaiman's getting hitched. People, I don't care! I like his works, I don't care about his *life*! (except his dog.)
  • 19:16:53: Today's Adventure: Meatloaf Night
  • 21:08:26: Photo: (via violetcyanide) It’s where his bellybutton would go if he was 100% hoo-mahn! http://tumblr.com/xpa5kj0f5

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