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From Twitter 01-14-2010

  • 00:08:05: announcement to all my twitter friends: next time i get all emo, please remind me to sit down and watch some Pete & Pete. 8D 8D 8D
  • 02:07:57: i think i just made OVER NINE THOUSAND screencaps of 1 episode of Pete & Pete. It wasn't on purpose I SWEAR.
  • 03:29:27: aaargh damn you adobe bridge why are you such a clunky piece of computer-sucking junk???
  • 14:06:48: @kevincos playing Dominion is worth like, +2 Cool Points AND gets you closer to attaining a Cloak of Enjoying Yourself In Nerd Company.
  • 14:37:55: @jamiewatson I feel validated. My thing for twiggy gingers is NORMAL i SWEAR.
  • 16:02:32: @kevincos I'm still sad about that. But Catan is also good! And I played with new people! And learned real rules (apparently)!
  • 16:07:38: Photo: squoctobird: NO DON’T WATCH IT it’s the worst movie eveeeeerrrr! And I have sat through *multiple*... http://tumblr.com/xpa5jb0db
  • 22:18:29: aaaaaaaaaaugh i just did one of those pore strip things on my nose eeeeeeeewwwwwww
  • 22:19:10: also I'm contemplating something I could offer for help_haiti.... :/ Finish CC and write you in as a villian to the highest bidder? XD NO.
  • 23:33:25: @ashleyjanne fyi, a combo of procrastination, dan's blog, & 2nd thoughts made me not make the graphics. Don't make the post, it's unneeded.

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