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From Twitter 01-13-2010

  • 00:25:17: i had guests! I think they may have had a good time? Well, I hope so.
  • 00:31:14: PS: whoever left my toilet seat up owes me a quarter.
  • 01:30:50: season 2 premier of Little Miss Perfect: CREEPY as always. Oh man, I can't EVER look away....
  • 01:35:13: @aergonaut buy me a dslr instead!
  • 03:05:57: @kevincos I'm creepy and following you on the twitters! @_@ (you don't have to follow me back I mostly talk about TV shows)
  • 04:24:24: seriously brain, just shut up already so i can get some sleep, god.
  • 14:54:24: so is there an Igby Goes Down / Harry Potter crossover out there that deals with the gryff scarf Igby wears?
  • 17:16:47: @bruindude92 what about the people who ship Freddie with Spencer? THINK OF THE FENCER SHIPPERS, NATHAN. XD
  • 19:27:35: @jamiewatson But Marvin and Nug Nug are my OTP!!! D:
  • 19:28:15: @jamiewatson ash is going to make some sorta "Yell about shipping here + poll" tomorrow, it needs a CATCHY TITLE.
  • 19:29:04: @jamiewatson I need to make some kinda graphic involving Freddie looking all D: and Sam & Carly all >:O *freddie* O:<
  • 20:06:52: @jamiewatson oh maybe! I'd forgotten about that one! Got any "love triangle" puns to hand? I'm dry.
  • 20:15:35: @jamiewatson LOL i like it. oh man have you even read the lyrics? they're WEIRD. "We've a loveable space that needs your face," o_o
  • 20:18:18: @jamiewatson check it: http://www.lyricsondemand.com/tvthemes/threescompanylyrics.html
  • 20:26:57: @bruindude92 re: being misquoted and people's assumptions, do you think internet jerks'd say that stuff if they knew you were reading it?
  • 22:18:50: prepare to harvest... THE LOWER HORN

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