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From Twitter 01-11-2010

  • 00:28:08: jesus, sometimes I'm convinced that the degrassi girls wear more mascara than clothing by weight.
  • 00:40:09: oh my GAWD why didn't someone TELL me there was fake canadian larping on degrassi?!?!?!?!? Fake! Canadian! LARPing!
  • 00:40:36: sorry i'm twitting so much tonight btw. I'm sick and taking my mind off my urpiness.
  • 00:51:37: fake canadian larping continues to be SOLID GOLD. someone tell me it doesn't all end in tears? please??
  • 01:22:51: HUZZAH! No tears for Fake Canadian Larping, PLUS cute indian boy w/ mandolin in poofy shirt! HUZZAH HUZZAH HUZZAH
  • 01:23:35: okay degrassi marathon is officially over, I'll stop now. except to say that angry gay boy is totally uninteresting, stfuplz. okaybye
  • 01:25:32: Photo: violetcyanide: Both cheeks visible makes this shot twice as nice. >_> http://tumblr.com/xpa5fj8he
  • 01:51:28: @aergonaut stop wanting all this tech crap, dude. Covet something more practical. Like a car to come visit Seattle in.
  • 01:56:10: @aergonaut oh, I understa~nd. I'm just on the wagon, is all.
    also, you should get a hovercraft.
  • 14:07:30: @diplobrat I wanted to talk to you about visiting San Fran sometime, actually....
  • 14:08:15: @DanWarp I hope they have two desks and the guests have to sit between them and feel trapped!
  • 14:09:29: @lazycheskie Sav is okay but he's no Avan in the "pretty pretty pretty" department. He's also kind of a lame character. But I like his GF!
  • 14:10:43: @bravoseattle Alas, I am too poor to even afford your basic membership fee, let alone tickets. Thanks for acknowledging my existence though!
  • 14:11:31: @obsessive0514 ikr! the LARP is in like the last three/four episodes. idk how often it will come into play now that the arc is sorta over :(
  • 15:26:38: @diplobrat i have a friend there i want to meet, and the city is awesome, and i figured you have friends there right?
  • 15:32:56: violetcyanide: This was more easily said than done. The Chronicles of Narnia - The Magician’s Nephew http://tumblr.com/xpa5g32za
  • 17:42:21: @SeddieCanon I'm an iCarly fan first, Seddie fan second. They! Are! Fictional! Characters!
  • 17:46:01: @SeddieCanon one more thing, "sloppy seconds"? REALLY? So anyone who isn't your first ANYTHING is sloppy seconds? Chill out and read a book.
  • 23:24:44: I am waiting for someone on my dash to picspam Raj getting his mack-on so I can reblog - Srsly, get on that... http://tumblr.com/xpa5gjhep

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