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From Twitter 01-10-2010

  • 00:01:54: @twiggymcbones are you appreciating the brothers grimm for the AMAZING movie it is? Nobody understaaaaaaaaands~
  • 00:27:21: @obsessive0514 poor Emma. The first 3 seasons she was the best, like a RL Hermione. And then they just KILLED her and made her an IDIOT. :(
  • 00:28:00: i am physically sleepy but my brain won't shut up! god dammit!
  • 10:47:22: @twiggymcbones oh well then I should see that toooooo
  • 10:49:19: @lazycheskie yeeeeeeeeessssss i remember this clearly now. HANDS DOWN AUTOWIN
  • 11:01:18: @lazycheskie woman go fix your html on your picspam post at 5432 plz
  • 11:45:34: slime promo on nick = best nick promo in YEARS. best *cable channel promo* since the N 2000.
  • 20:55:33: almost threw up at dinner, GREAT. luckily, crackers and peppermint tea fix almost everything.
  • 21:23:53: ...or maybe they don't. :( I'll be okay, I just have to refuse to concede defeat to the idea of puking. I simply do not allow it.
  • 21:28:27: * watching degrassi* shut up Peter, so are SO a meth addict.
  • 21:28:52: ugh can we have a 1-minute tweet edit window??
  • 21:49:43: @diplobrat i am feeling a little better. I was running a fever but it's better now. Your butt called me though!
  • 21:54:20: *still degrassi* Holly J got chubberz in the new season! Reminds me of her Naturally Sadie days when she wasn't so waifish.
  • 22:26:27: Hey Sandy - I really need to make a Pete & Pete episode picspam. But which episode? Maybe the one where Nona... http://tumblr.com/xpa5fep04
  • 22:48:35: *degrassi* sexting was old hat FOUR YEARS AGO omg *hyperventilates at the stupid*
  • 23:26:05: "As far as I understand it, we of course agree perfectly about black in nature. Absolute black does not..." http://tumblr.com/xpa5fge7f

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