Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 01-08-2010

  • 03:41:59: I like the word "gazebo". Also, widdershins, polyglot, and swimmingly.
  • 10:18:50: @kunalnayyar that's *thou* art a heartless bitch. ^_^ Hearts 4eva!
  • 10:43:45: @jamiewatson I'll trade you Mario Galaxy for Super Marios Bros. It's too hard for me, I'll mail it to you!
  • 11:23:55: @jamiewatson dooooom
  • 17:06:26: making tomato sauce from scratch hooray!
  • 17:34:58: olive break
  • 18:30:48: i am apparently uncategorizable in icarly rating land.
    Nobody's willing to tell me I'm a Nevel, even though I totes am.
  • 19:00:01: my Nordstrom catalogue came today. I require everything in it, except the bikinis.
  • 20:32:02: Oh no, I'm full of spaghetti! This is entirely unexpected!
  • 20:52:42: @ashleyjanne you DID. Neville is the badass way to spell it anyway. I'm kinda Sammish, it's true. But not cool enough. I wanna be Nevel!
  • 20:55:38: @ashleyjanne or maybe MANDY. @_@
  • 22:53:25: if wii fit making me ache all over in places I had forgotten could ache means it's working, wii fit is working. CHAIR POSE BOOOIIII
  • 23:11:11: @TimmyMojo yeah pretty much HEY WHEN ARE YOU MOVING HERE
  • 23:22:23: oh fuck me but I do love me some otherkin madness http://tinyurl.com/ydsuk82

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