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From Twitter 01-05-2010

  • 00:18:48: dangit, providing structure is NOT micromanaging. I'm just trying to fill the void with ideas instead of letting shit flounder at 5432.
  • 00:19:23: ugh. i need a program to keep me from reading twitters of people i dont follow. It always enrages me.
  • 02:23:16: tonight's goal for the new challenge banner: make it not look my work. Did I reach my goal? :( i don't think i did! STUPID STYLE. >:(
  • 10:09:22: @ashleyjanne if I don't constantly push on the boundaries of my style I'll never grow aesthetically.
  • 13:13:30: had a good cry at the end of Kooza. Really need to buy the dvd already, yeesh.
  • 13:17:37: @jamiewatson wow that clip must be old! lookit spence's hair! also I need a gif of sam chewing the phone cord, YESTERDAY.
  • 15:03:21: @jamiewatson *tears in eyes* it's so... beautiful! T_T
  • 16:39:39: does anyone know if reese from malcolm in the middle was ever actually determined to be gay? cuz he's sooooooo homosexual.
  • 17:02:38: Photo: (via fuckyeahnathankress) I made a wallpaper with this picture, I love it so much: http://tumblr.com/xpa59syw9
  • 17:18:52: @lazycheskie reese being cute & being homosexual are not mutually exclusive qualities, cheska.
  • 17:59:33: @lazycheskie lol you're adorable
  • 20:46:07: @lazycheskie A++++ idea, you should do it ASAP

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