Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 12-28-2009

  • 00:23:45: wtf is this TSA nonsense. Flight attendants can rip my paperback from my cold, dead, snake-bitten hands.
  • 00:53:42: also why have the christians taken over the ads on BBC America? If I have to listen to one more christian cowboys ad... *shakes fist*
  • 05:29:06: @badmachinery When you sell it, please tell me you'll be moving into a fairytale cottage made of recycled glass bottles and cobblestones~
  • 06:08:25: thank you Netflix for being a direct line to well-translated hindi movies. (and thus, people with pretty pretty pretty hair)
  • 06:44:54: ok downside of watching random indian movies on netflix: you end up accidentally starting a 3.5 hour long flick at 4am.
  • 15:12:11: @SeddieCanon Dan is very aware of the show's fandom. I only know him online. I think you might not know that Seddie people are just more...
  • 15:13:22: @SeddieCanon ...vocal, and not actually that much more in number. Most viewers don't actually care at all! Dan knows about shipping though..
  • 15:13:59: @SeddieCanon ...he even invented a portmanteau shipname - "Fribby". Freddie/Gibby is so subtextually canon. ;P
  • 16:06:38: @SeddieCanon chill out, dude. there's nothing you can do about it so stop worrying. have fun on your own but don't stress out.
  • 16:07:47: @SeddieCanon Dan knows my shipping prefs as of last fall. We haven't talked in a long time. I also ship a bunch of other things, btw.
  • 16:08:57: @SeddieCanon you need to stop worrying and just enjoy the show on its own merits. You're watching the wrong show, otherwise.
  • 16:11:18: @SeddieCanon Loving Seddie is silly. It's a silly ship & a silly thing to care so much about. Silly's good, but not *important*
  • 17:23:00: @SeddieCanon no. Even Dan doesn't know if they will end up together. It's not worth even guessing about. I have fun shipping them on my own.
  • 17:23:31: @diplobrat that would require you to not be retarded, though. (buuuuuurrrrrrrn)
  • 17:53:21: omg i missed the cactus juice episode of avatar? DANGIT nicktoons, dangit!
  • 21:02:39: Just took "What are the initials of your crush?" and got: JK! Try it ➔ http://bit.ly/6AjNbK
  • 21:06:19: JK? Juscelino Kubitschek, former president of Brazil? Oh, stupid twitter quiz, HOW DID YOU KNOW?
  • 23:06:07: @twiggymcbones I think that initials quiz is broke'd. Everyone I'm following keeps getting JK. I think it might stand for Just Kidding. :O
  • 23:12:23: Just took "What is your REAL name?" and got: Katanova if female, Alexandre, if male! Try it ➔ http://bit.ly/7Hc91N
  • 23:13:34: That quiz result just told me I need to have more sex! o_0
    Well, true. But still! **Stephanie** How rude.
  • 23:50:37: *contemplating getting 5_4_3_2 a paid account* It's only $25, y'know? But are the benefits worth it? *is spoiled by perm account*

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