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From Twitter 12-25-2009

  • 01:36:18: Ian would be astounded to know that I have spent the majority of the day wearing pants.
  • 02:08:00: i want it to be the day after tomorrow so I can get super cheap candycanes already! Anyway happy christmas to all my jesus lovin' friends.
  • 03:02:30: oh man somebody assaulted the pope. on christmas.
  • 09:02:08: Happy Christmas: a new Maru video in super slow-mo! Watch till 1:50, SO worth it. http://tinyurl.com/ycyej2p
  • 18:53:47: christmas dinner: two soft boiled eggs, two buttered piece of toast, russian caravan tea w/ honey, glass of V8.
  • 18:59:41: dear santa: all I wanted for Christmas was a Jewish friend who didn't have family on the east coast. You fail me every time.
  • 19:36:54: @DanWarp snopes is your friend: http://tinyurl.com/5pzn3l in short, it's the 12 days between Jesus' birth and the Magi showing up.
  • 22:39:52: @lazycheskie if you like tomatoes, V8 is delicious. It's an acquired taste but I love it. A lot of people cook with it, too.
  • 22:41:29: @squoctobird they're all in my LJ scrapbook: http://pics.livejournal.com/mizufae/gallery/0006xgqc
  • 22:48:03: @squoctobird LOL clever. I do wish people would be aware of my scrapbook more.

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