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From Twitter 12-24-2009

  • 00:16:02: I want annual tv dedicated to my brother. Cool physics stuff, magical girl anime, competitive lego building. (he was born on xmas, you see.)
  • 18:33:20: blonde hair is the hardest to color.
  • 19:38:02: @twiggymcbones shut UP
  • 22:13:08: @twiggymcbones you DO realize that my boobs are that big because I'm fat, right? So every time you mention their size you're calling me FAT.
  • 22:13:49: @twiggymcbones PS Happy Christmas you scrawny bone-woman. I would hug you but I'm afraid of getting stabbed in the heart.
  • 22:16:41: @kunalnayyar Oh, Kunal, you have NO idea.

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Dec. 25th, 2009 06:15 pm (UTC)
Merry Christmas to my lonely daughter. I love you and I didn't buy you anything. I know that everything you know you learned from TV, but that doesn't mean you should believe everything you see on TV! Don't fall for the crass commercialization!

We are leaving in a minute to go see Up in the Air and then to Heidi's for Jewish friends "what shall we do on Christmas" potluck.

You can call later tonight if you are lonely and bored. (As if that would help).
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