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From Twitter 12-21-2009

  • 00:48:26: there isn't enough tea in the world to make me feel up to par today, it seems. DAMN YOU SUGAR AND VODKA. Next time, vodka only.
  • 02:53:05: argh Cruise Control really IS that good why can't I finish it WHY WHY WHY WHY
  • 04:03:11: hoohah! I AM THE BOX GHOST! YOU CANNOT CONTAIN ME WITHIN THE CONFINES OF A CYLINDRICAL CONTAINER! (maybe this is why I can't write? nah...)
  • 06:42:46: Danny Phantom > Spiderman? Maaaaaaaaaaybe~
  • 21:15:33: @diplobrat oh no, that's why you should wrap everything with an easily removable lid. :(

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