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From Twitter 12-19-2009

  • 05:09:10: @Wilkin really? She always looks kind of like she just ate a lemon. Different strokes for different folks!
  • 07:01:58: ::embarrassed:: So I may have just figured out how to make a custom brush-shape in p'shop... y'know, ovals and stuff. I knew it was in PS6!
  • 07:05:13: Photo: Work-in-progress new header for 5_4_3_2. http://tumblr.com/xpa4stx2f
  • 07:21:53: @jamiewatson it's pretty great. Sam's wearing a suggestive hat and everything.
  • 09:02:33: Photo: fuckyeahkunalnayyar: Words cannot describe how happy this picture makes me. http://tumblr.com/xpa4sw18z
  • 09:39:40: omg, Ghost World is 90x more heartbreaking than I remember it. T_T (it's on youtube in full, fyi) Seymour, poor guy, plz2B hugging you now.
  • 17:44:04: @jamiewatson she's cuuuute i want to bake cookies w/ her RIGHT NOW.
  • 18:45:57: @jamiewatson omg I want to be her granddaughter RIGHT NOW. *pout*
  • 18:47:17: @DanWarp You need to go get some GlamourShots done or something so folks can stop asking me what you look like~

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