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From Twitter 12-18-2009

  • 04:34:28: @aergonaut if you're anthropomorphizing your objects in any way, you can say 'these/those', or if you're being colloquial.
  • 04:57:47: @aergonaut er, they/them, rather. Twitter: let me edit my tweets, goddamn.
  • 09:21:15: reading fic, in which there is a footnote referencing the author's previous fic, cited in proper Chicago style. Oh HP fandom. Never change.
  • 17:08:10: @SeddieCanon I think you should relax and enjoy the show as a whole, instead of obsessing. Shipping shouldn't be about endgame.
  • 17:19:45: @SeddieCanon You can love them both separately as characters, yknow. It's not like Dan will kill them off! :P
  • 17:30:04: @SeddieCanon is it really "like magical"? People blow this stuff out of proportion; you may want to step back and reconsider. It's cute tho.
  • 17:30:57: @SeddieCanon I mean when you think about what is *canon*, they are friends with a strange power dynamic. I want it canon but Dan's said he..
  • 17:32:39: @SeddieCanon doesn't have the end planned out, so there's no use in worrying. He might write to accommodate actors for spinoffs, or sumfin..
  • 17:33:50: @SeddieCanon ...not just to make a ship endgame or not. iCarly is about *friendship*, not romantic love, and how it makes people better...
  • 17:35:11: @SeddieCanon ...so it shouldn't hurt you if they don't get together, because they WILL stay FRIENDS, & they weren't in the pilot. THE END ;D
  • 17:37:16: @SeddieCanon 1. That devalues Freddie to the status of a prize to be won. Dan doesn't do that. 2. that might last 1 episode, 2 at best....
  • 17:37:48: @SeddieCanon ...Come on, have you ever seen another Schneider's Bakery show? The Drama Llama never lasts long in the face of hijinks.
  • 17:41:54: @SeddieCanon if he DOES do the triangle thing, I will yawn. iCarly doesn't have a show unless all 3 of them are friends. Chill.
  • 18:01:32: Ian is baking like 10 batches of chocolate chip cookies. The house smells REALLY good. @_@ waaaant
  • 21:30:14: listening to the Metafilter podcast while watching kitten videos on youtube!
  • 21:30:35: Tweeting about listening to the Metafilter podcast while watching kitten videos on youtube! AAAAAAHHHHH
  • 22:27:58: contemplating selling my eggs. $8k? Maaaybe. What am *I* gonna do with them, amirite?

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