Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

People, H&M is having an enormous sale. IDK if it's in every H&M everywhere, but today I bought pants, a suit jacket, two camis with lacy edges, a shiny purple blouse, and a nice long sleeve organic cotton shirt, all under $80. Like, fer serious. Sweet. I'm totally shilling for them.

Anyway today was a shopping day. Living on top of an organic grocery store is really nice most of the time, but there are all these things they don't carry! A lot of frozen things, cleaning supplies, regular butter, crackers, soda, drug store stuff like shampoo and all, ziplock bags, parchment paper, chicken stock with actual flavor... lots of things. LOTS of things. We'd put it off for a lot longer than we had in the past, so it was a hell of a shopping trip. It's always pretty shocking, but then it only happens once every 2-3 months. Despite desire to the contrary, I didn't buy candy canes.

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