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From Twitter 12-13-2009

  • 00:14:59: @aergonaut fans of Spoils like to talk entirely in in-jokes. It becomes... tiresome.
  • 01:50:34: blaaaaaaaaaargh i should have had more alcohol. One drink just gives me a headache~
  • 04:38:13: today was kind of my spazziest day ever. my stupid cat caused an emotional breakdown. I spent three hours folding teatowels. W.EVS.
  • 05:02:19: I feel like the internet is telling me I should write self-insert captain of the Enterprise except I'm a sexy purple ocelot fanfiction.
  • 05:04:01: A show of hands for those who got that reference? No? None? OK, that's old internet dork for: I feel like the lowest on the geek totem poll.
  • 06:17:33: @raxvulpine that actually makes me feel slightly better?
  • 14:27:45: Photo: ambercakes: Omg I’m going to learn and then teach this to everyone I know. :D This has to be done to a... http://tumblr.com/xpa4nzhfy
  • 15:28:28: stupid rachel is keeping me from tacos. I'm going to have to have words with her.
  • 21:17:46: @twiggymcbones my Mom is apparently coming to your going away party! :D
  • 22:29:18: Aww, Roseanne, you are my favorite show. ;T_T;

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