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From Twitter 12-12-2009

  • 00:59:50: @diplobrat oh my gahd do you want to see the princess and the frog with meeeeee
  • 01:36:43: I have just applied to be a Mod at icanhascheezburger. Seriously. SRSLY. Did you know they're local? I bet they're googling me RIGHT NAOW.
  • 02:18:46: Must... clean... apartment... must... get off... computer....
  • 05:48:32: livingroom furniture rearranged, shower took, book finished, cat played with, washing machine full...
  • 15:56:27: fandom!secret #113: of COURSE whiteboards help you do physics! Jeez, you'd think these people've never seen a theorist's bedroom before...
  • 15:56:53: @diplobrat her giving you a toaster just makes me think of the ghost of xmas present from Scrooged. WATCH OUT!
  • 16:20:52: @sconepop JSYK there's Tardis/Magic School Bus fanfic happening in the comments on F!S.
  • 16:28:29: stressy stress stressing oooout~ Also apparently people don't want to be my friends you know what argh to them then
  • 23:45:13: I AM FULL OF MASHED POTATOES now I need a nap
  • 23:52:50: @aergonaut Spoils is the devil.

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