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From Twitter 12-11-2009

  • 00:24:47: @twiggymcbones Um...... no? Probably not. The guy has turned out to be... not the most thoughtful dude. >_>
  • 02:57:39: hrm. Must increase tumblarity by 7 points, and then it will be 100! To do: draw more raj fanart, apparently.
  • 16:52:31: @diplobrat This would be why I am not currently a sub.
  • 17:41:39: @diplobrat shut up i love children. Just not babies. or teenagers.
  • 23:09:10: @DanWarp I still want iCarly smelling markers. Spaghetti Taco Red, Fruit Kebab Purple, Fried Chicken Brown, BottleBot Green (like Sprite!)
  • 23:17:52: @DanWarp The Future is Orange, Tapenade Black, Benson Blue (fresh laundry), Puckett Pink (bacon & bubblegum), Pinacolada Lipgloss Yellow. :)

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