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Tristyn and Seth photos

I got my photos from Thanksgiving developed yesterday, and today I scanned them! I've only cleaned up the ones of Tristyn and Seth, though. The gallery is here. It will continue to grow as I add the other things, like actual thanksgiving and pictures of my dog and also pie.

They aren't high quality because these are scans of poorly-lit, badly composed snapshots, but I think the "character" comes through just fine. ^_^

I bought the queso specifically with the idea of "prop" in mind because that evening, the two of them were NOT being co-operative. I was totally zoned out, jetlagged, and bitchy the whole time. It's fortunate that I love Tristyn and Seth so much or I wouldn't have fed them melted cheese at all, and then where would we be?

In that bottom shot, Seth is pulling a face but that's totally 100% what I felt like. Oh man, tired does not begin to cover it.


Tristyn this should be your Twitter background, not creepy pedo panty girls.

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