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From Twitter 12-08-2009

  • 01:49:24: Photo: Raj is soooo grumpy. http://tumblr.com/xpa4jegem
  • 02:14:57: @diplobrat lol proflowers is sending me reminders about your b-day. HEY want some flowers? Howsabout I not pay shipping & get 'em @ the PPM.
  • 12:23:33: lol, how to make my tumblarity jump 50 points in 7 hours: draw fanart of Raj.
  • 13:35:34: @aergonaut textbook case of too much product. :P
  • 13:48:35: @aergonaut no cuz if he has Freddie hair then he's FREDDIE and I can't divide between the two and it causes ISSUES. in my pants.
  • 14:05:49: @aergonaut oooh. Well yes, gosh, I would probably stop watching the show if Freddie stopped having Freddie hair. (lies!) THIS IS SRS BSNS.
  • 19:35:08: @aergonaut I'm going to have to write a strongly worded letter, aren't I? god dammit.

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