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From Twitter 12-06-2009

  • 02:17:37: Photo: melapoo: Good question! I don’t know, but considering his religious persuasion, perhaps it ought to be... http://tumblr.com/xpa4hnx15
  • 02:35:26: @aergonaut idk that it's viacom that controls it. I bet it's more an issue of some low-wage mook doing data shoveling.
  • 02:47:27: @aergonaut I suspect that was mere confirmation bias at work. I mean, maybe there's a secret technique to milk ratings, but i doubt it.
  • 02:48:14: OK watching All Grown Up (don't judge me!) & why is Tommy's li'l brother hitting on Angelica, HIS COUSIN? Wtf. Chuckie/Angelica 4 lyf.
  • 02:51:50: Oh wait that's not Dill, that's some other random character. *phew*. This makes everything ok again, I was worried for a while.

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