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From Twitter 11-30-2009

  • 00:35:50: @bruindude92 you *do* know to give the cartridges a good shake, right? It settles the ink!
  • 02:16:59: today i: ate pizza, chatted up coffee guy, drank latte, met natanya, ate korma, insulted rae :P, took film photos, pet cat, made 2nd tumblr.
  • 02:17:48: @diplobrat srsly that was hilarious i hope i didnt make you feel TOO awful but you's gettin some so NO MATTAH.
  • 02:19:46: also oh jeebus, a transgender thread on Metafilter is wendelling!
    Peeps, your life experience is not indicative of the wider truth. DEAL.
  • 06:21:46: amazon.com late night shopping spree: i bought a WHISK. and other things.
  • 11:43:57: @ashleyjanne aw you called me wonderful. it gave me warm fuzzies. Also Spencer's hair in that cap OMG.
  • 11:53:47: Video: Kunal Nayyar is in the Present Face video! I love Garfunkel & Oates, saw this ages ago, but rewatched... http://tumblr.com/xpa4d0slf
  • 12:00:30: @TimmyMojo filtering & conditioning ANYTHING takes energy, duh. Thought you had an ME degree or sumfin, don't you know 1st law of Thermo?
  • 12:56:52: Time for TOAST WITH JAM.
  • 13:37:55: ok not just toast & jam. Also, 2 soft boiled eggs, v8, and black tea w/ honey. BREAKFAST'D.
  • 14:51:59: Photo: fuckyeahfacecharacters: Yeah so I’m in love with Peter Pan. Do you have an issue with that? I didn’t... http://tumblr.com/xpa4d4i7c
  • 16:03:27: Photo: Wallpaper collage I made for Thanksgiving weekend. http://tumblr.com/xpa4d69ma

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