Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

Finally got around to watching Persepolis, which was awesome. 5 stars, but this wasn't unexpected. I think you would have to hate the movie on the basis of something ridiculous like disapproving of the entire french language or maybe hating the color black in order to not give it 5 stars, I mean seriously.

I was totally stupid today and fell asleep at like 7, and didn't wake up for a good 2 hours. So now, instead of milking my sleepiness steadily through the evening, I'm wide awake at 4am. Oh, 4am, my oldest companion and greatest nemesis.

I remember when I was quite young, I read in a book somewhere that midnight was the Witching Hour, so I was completely convinced witches came out at midnight and swooped around, and in particular would brew something evil at the foot of my bed. But it was only at midnight. Once it was 12:01, everything would be hunky dory.

As soon as I started hitting puberty, any illusions that midnight was late at night dropped like a rock. 4am is my gold standard of "late" and it's always the time when my brain goes a little fuzzy. I was asked on my first date at 4am (over ICQ, natch!) and let boys touch me in private areas at 4am, and thought very seriously about how useless my life is at 4am, and decided that getting a cat would solve all of my problems at 4am. To this date, I don't think that anything I've decided at 4am has turned out well. As such, I resolutely refuse to come to any conclusions right now. However, I am going to go take some tylenol and a melatonin. I hope you guys don't count that as a decision or conclusion.

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