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From Twitter 11-18-2009

  • 01:46:42: Photo: Seattle again. http://tumblr.com/xpa43tb7o
  • 04:57:59: okay bitches, when my tumblarity goes up or down, I want to know WHY. SHOW ME YOUR WORK, MATH NERDS.
  • 06:21:05: I've figured it out. The reason I can't get a job is that my resume uses Garamond. I need to go Helvetica or Futura. BUT WHICH?
  • 14:47:33: @twiggymcbones omg did you seriously get her a snuggie? and the leopard print one?? You are obvy the best daughter.
  • 19:05:25: @jamiewatson you can wear rubber boots and decorate my easter tree any day, baby. (this is my new favorite thing ever.)
  • 22:52:40: so I thought I was past the bullshit stage of being an iCarly BNF but apparently i was WRONG. solution is to DELETE EVERYTHING and pseucide!
  • 23:28:48: @aergonaut long story, briefly summarized on my LJ. Bitches be crazy. Also I miss you, oh sane one. Let's get married.
  • 23:37:29: @aergonaut i will steal your sperm and have your asian babies and then we'll HAVE to get married. @_@
  • 23:37:56: i'm such a creeper.

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