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Ian: oh sweet jesus
Sarah: http://mizufae.livejournal.com/566471.html scroll down to bottom
Ian: that is just completely terrifying
it is intensely hilarious to me that your mom likes your fanfic
Sarah: dfhsdlfjhaslfjahlayslie,jcb
i fall asleep
and THIS is what i wake up to
i knew she'd like it
mom likes EVERYTHING i do
at least it's not gonna be porn
Ian: it may comfort you to know that you've traveled to a CREEPY MIRROR UNIVERSE in your sleep
now where is the punishment cube so i can cause myself pain until I pass out?
Ian: don't have one of those
Sarah: Evil kitchen knives that use YOU to cut things?
Ian: entertaining, but no
in fact, the only real differences are that rachel has a moustache and your mom reads your fanfic
Ian: also, farscape is available on netflix watch instantly.


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Nov. 17th, 2009 02:25 am (UTC)
do you leave your fanfic unlocked, or did you actually let your mom friend you on LJ? That would kind of freak me out too! My parents don't even know I have a Live journal.
Nov. 17th, 2009 02:43 am (UTC)
It's both, actually. I leave my fic unlocked but I made my mom a livejournal account SPECIFICALLY so she could read my f-locked entries. A while ago I flocked my LJ and Mom was all "but what do I read at work now??" and I had flocked it so I could bitch about specific people (who are now completely out of my life hooray!), so I figured, why not?

My mom is, honestly, super cool. We're very honest and she knows about my fandom goings-on and I even taught her what slash was and I *do* like that she reads my LJ most of the time. She's a huge nerd and when we get together in person we inevitably dish about TV shows and whatnot, and we even have a lot of the same taste in actors.

As far as I can tell, she likes to read my LJ because I live all the way across the country from her and I don't call her enough and when I do I don't have much of anything to talk about. But we're actually fairly good *friends*, which I recognize is a unique and precious phenomenon uncommon in the mother-daughter relationship, especially considering that I'm in my 20s which a good decade before most people even figure out that their moms are *human*, let alone people they could be friends with.

So, while I've been cool with my mom being all up in my LJ business for a while, and I understand that she wants to read my fic both to see what her kid is up to and because she is, actually, a *fan* of the show I'm writing fic for, AND I consider her a friend, AND I just recently conveyed to her in comments on this very LJ that I *like* when she leaves me comments on things I have made (although this applied to my original art things,) AND I have said everywhere all the time that I love getting comments, AND my mom even gave me a constructive compliment... *breathes* ... she's still my MOM and she's reading my FANFIC. @_@;;;; And there's NOTHING I can do about it.

Like, I'm not going to flock my fic because I want maximum readership, which is why I pasted it directly onto my LJ in the first place (otherwise I'd go for 100% ff.net), and she's already read the first two chapters so I know she'll want to keep reading it. And I'm not going to tell her NOT to read it, because of that litany of reasons I listed up there about friendship and awesomeness and it's not actively doing a lick of harm. And I'm not going to tell her to read it but DONT TELL ME and NEVER TALK ABOUT IT and DONT COMMENT because that's mean and her underlying "mom being all up in sarah's business" won't ever get to discuss such things with me and WHAT IF she actually really LIKES it and then gets into FIC and sjhalshlsdjhfadlsjfa *breathes*
Nov. 17th, 2009 05:57 am (UTC)
I love how you give me such detailed replies!

That all makes sense! And that's great that you can bond with your mom over fandom related stuff! Your mom seems really cool. I love my mom, and she's super intelligent and understanding about almost every subject, but I think even dipping her toe into fandom would baffle her!
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