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What I made today instead of artish things


Also an abomination:


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Nov. 12th, 2009 04:31 pm (UTC)
When is that photo from and who is the "merry man"? And who are you supposed to be?

Fried chicken vs. ham - a very difficult choice. Probably fried chicken since I never eat it anymore (not really allowed)

P.S. I liked Inanna but didn't bother to comment. I noticed you had included your "gloaming" but otherwise didn't think about it much since when I comment on your art you always think my comments are silly or stupid or obvious. Sorry you aren't getting enough attention. I think you got that need from your father and not me.
Nov. 13th, 2009 01:00 am (UTC)

Oh, Mom.

That's a picture from behind the scenes at Disneyland - friend Ashley knows a girl who gets away with taking photos of the character actors in silly poses, lucky woman - and this is the guy who plays Peter Pan having a hug from the girl who plays Alice. My jealousy was great upon seeing the photo so I slapped my face on there instead. Stupid Alice.

I voted ham in the end, but only because of Ham's high versatility factor - I can eat ham once a day in some form or another and not be sick of it for a long time, but fried chicken is as fried chicken does.

I don't need *you* to comment on my art things, Mom. I like it when you do, and honestly the MAJORITY of comments I get no matter what are "silly or stupid or obvious" so I don't know why you think that's particularly *bad*, but it's a craving for outside attention and validation from my peers, or people I respect enough to call friends. And while I *do* think of you as a friend you're also, of course, my mom, and if I ever want attention from you I can just call you up! Similarly, I don't need people like Ian or Rachel to comment on my stuff, you know? But my dedicated creative friends, I like them to comment, like Tristyn or Ian's brother Colin, because their views have added weight of experience and taste behind them.

Anyway, it's okay. It's not that I haven't been getting enough attention, it's that I made something I thought was REALLY NEATO-KEEN and nobody noticed it. I think I got that need from myself, not from either of my parents.
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