Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 11-10-2009

  • 00:06:05: @uni0000 i KNOW! My Woloppali fandom friend isn't on AIM so I have no one to squee with. :(
  • 00:43:46: @uni0000 We've got http://bit.ly/2Btin7 (The Howard/Rajesh LJ comm) for that!
  • 02:12:46: i hate doing laundry but i love giant piles of warm laundry right of the dryer. DILEMMA.
  • 05:32:24: damn. I'm gonna have to either rewatch all of BBT or foray into Paradox land (yuck). Does Raj have a bedroom in his apartment? (for fic)
  • 06:27:33: dear ian: you bitched about the dryer making noise and keeping you awake. FYI, your snoring through the door is just as loud as the dryer.
  • 07:02:19: note to self before collapse: pimp Bad Machinery tomorrow in great detail. http://www.scarygoround.com/
  • 07:05:19: @badmachinery may I edit your comics for making graphics like wallpapers and linky buttons that I'll use to pimp BM among the uninitiated?
  • 16:22:23: Lady GaGa, You *do* know EXACTLY what you're doing! I looooooooooooooove you http://bit.ly/3HVseo
  • 17:52:39: @aergonaut what the butt is the Eris?
  • 18:34:53: Video: fuckyeahkunalnayyar: awww raj :’) I love this scene. I want Missy to come back and make Sheldon give... http://tumblr.com/xpa3yppqt
  • 19:53:13: not quite dinner: coconut rice with cilantro and lime. omnomnomnom
  • 21:41:05: @ashleyjanne told you you weren't stupid.
  • 22:15:08: must! draw! something!

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