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From Twitter 11-09-2009

  • 00:25:15: i must have a beta carotene deficiency, i'm sitting here munching my way through a whole bag of carrots.
  • 05:08:49: Photo: Raj and Howard’s portmanteau shipname is Woloppali. I said it, so now it’s the truth. http://tumblr.com/xpa3xp7e9
  • 05:13:54: hmph, apparently tumblr doesnt like to host a fullsized wallpaper? laaaaame
  • 06:11:11: Sarah, pretzels are a Sometimes Food. :(
  • 07:49:18: @diplobrat I found the hat I want you to make me~ http://www.knitlist.com/95gift/ski.htm
  • 08:24:02: Hey followers! Who among you has a tumblr? You should link to it and then I will follow it and STUFF. The future is timewasting!
  • 08:24:47: (cont) but you have to reply to me when you link it cuz I only follow 31 people and I have 108 followers HAY WHEN DID I CAP 100?!?!?!?! OMG
  • 10:52:50: Photo: I made another Woloppali Wallpaper. It was an excuse to play with kerning for an hour. http://tumblr.com/xpa3xuc8v
  • 16:12:36: @twiggymcbones Seriously I have no clue how over 100 people give a damn what I twit. WHY, PEOPLE, WHY?
  • 16:49:35: thank you internet today I learned that kitchen sponges are made out of cellulose!
  • 18:47:49: @uni0000 i still don't exactly know what tumblr is. It's like blogging, but for really, really good looking people. :P
  • 19:55:52: @uni0000 yes, I am definitely the Most Beautiful. sittin' here in my cat-hair-covered bathrobe. rowrrr

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