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From Twitter 11-08-2009

  • 01:02:06: Scully the cat missed meeeee~
  • 03:40:22: Photo: Okay so I guess Seattle *is* pretty rainy… Anyway, not only was this ridiculously difficult for me to... http://tumblr.com/xpa3x1db9
  • 17:03:38: @ashleyjanne are you making it blond, too? If you ARE, then NO. If you're just going for the cut, then YES.
  • 19:27:28: @coollike aaargh now I have the song stuck in my HEAD aaaargh
    Can't buy it in the US, either. Obvy, this was your EVIL PLAN ALL ALONG.
  • 20:57:02: Dinner: mustard crusted salmon and braised buttered carrots with dill.
  • 21:20:45: @LindsayLoFAN really what?
  • 21:45:33: @LindsayLoFAN yes. I cooked it from scratch, too. Is that hard to believe?

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