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From Twitter 11-06-2009

  • 00:03:27: watching project runway: SHUT UP CHRISTOPHER OMG SHUT UP
  • 01:15:15: @goga6945 I was so sad tonight to see you not get to the final 3 on PR! I've been cheering for you the whole season; you're my favorite!
  • 02:52:22: cat: "hi mom!" me: "what's that smell?" cat: "i have poop on my butt!" me: "what is WRONG with you?" cat: "mom, pooping is confusing!"
  • 06:02:41: Seattle is incredibly blustery right now. Last night we had thunder and HAIL, wicked fast and dangerous. Finally some interesting weather.
  • 06:13:00: and ugh, people on metafilter... i want to punch all of you in the neck.

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