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From Twitter 11-04-2009

  • 00:18:31: @falsemirror Dad's from ME & the 'rents have a great place there that I'll inherit. it's GORGEOUS: http://tinyurl.com/yku4ur4 <-front yard
  • 03:53:59: ANFSCD, Ryan Reynolds is going to be (a) Green Lantern? OMNOMNOM ys plz. Man, he was even hot back in 2guys a girl & a pizza place. NO SHAME
  • 03:58:38: jsyk, ANFSCD = And Now For Something Completely Different. Oh yeah & jsyk = Just So You Know. YW (you're welcome) Mom.
  • 13:26:20: @badmachinery Landscape please! I have 3 of your posters custom framed & the 1 portrait sticks out and doesn't go on my wall :(
  • 16:09:23: @twiggymcbones FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOOM
  • 17:28:18: @otherben yes of course
  • 18:03:47: @bruindude92 You didn't know? Your action figure talks & everything! But no change of clothes :( (Plaid!Freddie is the best Freddie)
  • 20:54:16: Whenever I watch a new Maru video I feel guilty for thinking he's so much more awesome and cute and wonderful than my cat.

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