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From Twitter 11-03-2009

  • 01:59:00: @uni0000 it's totes cuz I have the mega hots for Raj and identify w/ Howard and want to have vicarious sexytimes.
  • 15:57:31: @uni0000 I like him more when he talks. I even like the way he says the word "douche". hahahah~
  • 20:56:35: c'mon, if my fictional future gay children can't get married at my farmhouse in Maine, my future life will suck!
  • 22:11:23: If it turns out that my grandma voted yes on Issue 1 in Maine, I am straight up gonna yell at her.
  • 23:03:29: Fuck you, majority in Maine! I'm gonna hang a freakin' rainbow flag at the farmhouse next time I'm on HogFat Hill. LGBTA-ONLY BBQ in June.
  • 23:12:26: Eff this, i'm gonna go marry a girl right now, BECAUSE I CAN. suck iiiiit~
  • 23:27:37: d'y'think if I *quilt* a rainbow flag & hang it @ the place in Maine, the farm won't get burning crosses on the lawn? Mainers love quilts!
  • 23:53:13: RT @johnkitchen Hawkeye would have stayed in Korea #Maine
  • 23:53:58: I am SRSLY all worked up about this thing. Maine is my FUTURE HOME, guys. I give the state TEN YEARS to get its shit together.

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