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From Twitter 10-29-2009

  • 00:47:20: @aergonaut i like it when you feel dirty. <_<
  • 16:42:18: @aletheajoy eeeeew, citations? what format?
  • 19:06:56: Spent the last 2 hours making a bear-ear headband for @diplobrat, I haven't done that in SIX YEARS, it was harder than I remember.
  • 19:11:14: @diplobrat btw you owe me $5 for the headband & Ian $5 for the dongle (lol, dongle)
  • 21:24:57: @uni0000 wooo! I'm so old that i dont understand what that means!
  • 23:28:30: Nooo Koji Noooo why did you have to be paired up with the WORST DANG designer nooo kojjjiiii~
  • 23:41:26: @violetcyanide rite? Koji was so sweet and true and GORGEOUS and her haaair aaaugh and Logan was just *makes thumbs down w/ raspberry*

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