Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

oh yeah hey i am back from the wedding in texas and i even survived it and had cake and vodka. My cousin Debbie has some pictures on the internet! Here is a badly resized photo of me with some of my cousins on my Mom's side of the family!

So that's my Totally Perfect cousin Evan who is very nearly my age and I go "aaaargh" whenever I compare myself to him with the beard on the left. Next to him, the blond pretty lady is my cousin Debbie whom I idolized when I was small. Behind her and crouching down cuz he's all tall and such is my Adorable cousin Jonathan, Debbie's brother. The weirdo on the right is my brother, Sam, who still doesn't know how to pose for a picture and got a haircut by a Japanese person who obviously doesn't comprehend jewfro hair. And I'm in the front in the pink dress, clutching a glass of chardonnay like my life depends on it.

Cousins not pictured include brothers Michael and Richard, Richard being the dude who was getting married the next day (this is a photo from the rehearsal dinner) and Michael being the oldest of all the Cousins and the only one with kids and a wife and all that already, and also the best man and thus running around like crazy the whole time.

When my mother eventually uploads her photos, there may or may not be a picture of me dancing drunkenly with vodka in one hand and my Grandma next to me. Don't ask.

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