Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 10-17-2009

  • 02:08:59: the icarly fanfic i'm writing w/ no plan seems to be heading inexorably to a freaky 3way between two middle aged ladies and an OC. >_>
  • 03:03:40: aaand I've written myself into a dead end. uuuugh.
  • 05:31:08: Gosford Park: finally watched it. Can someone elucidate-wtf was the big deal about it?? It was pretty & well-crafted & ultimately meh.
  • 05:36:50: Though I spose that's what Altman is All About. Oh Altman, you make film students cream their pants.
  • 16:57:23: slime promo on nick = awesome.
  • 16:58:52: ridiculous series of ads for dolls on nick = not so awesome.
  • 18:33:32: @bruindude92 so, do *you* know why Freddie speaks random and sometimes incomprehensible Spanish? Or is it even secret from you?
  • 19:56:46: http://tinyurl.com/yg7gve3 =why I love Metafilter. "...then SOUP IN A BREAD BOWL IS A SOUP SANDWICH. I am just not prepared to accept that."
  • 20:42:30: @twiggymcbones agreed! Wicked was very rambly. Solution: Read "Shadow of the Wind"
  • 21:44:42: my cat is a freak but sometimes she's so typical. Turns out her favorite toy is a ball of yarn. I should send pics into hallmark.

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