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The Fall started a few days ago. Well, no, a couple of weeks ago suddenly the smell of the air changed and I noticed that the leaves on all the trees that weren't evergreen had suddenly turned to rust, but a few days ago, the Rains started. Clouds happened and for the first time since moving to Seattle, there was a distinct feeling of a switch being flipped somewhere. It's been sunny since the switch flipped, and warmer, but everyone can tell, it's Fall, and the Rains have started. People are different. They know they're in for six months of this. I myself was excited at first, but now I can feel it sort of, well, cloaking me.

So what do I do? I got out the coffee grinder we bought the other day, and ground beans for the first time. I'm not a regular coffee drinker, but something about the three days of clouds, and the dripping sounds from outside, and the wet, cool winds blowing in from my sliding door just made me want to have some coffee, and I was prepared for it, for once.

I have this little plastic thingy that holds a filter over a cup, and you put the grounds in there and pour the hot water over it and it drips through a hole in the bottom. I've used it before to good effect with pre-ground coffee, but for this new stuff, I don't know. Maybe the water isn't hot enough, or maybe the I didn't grind it small enough, or maybe I've grown accustomed to espresso, but this coffee was like drinking dirt flavored water. So I poured the same water over the grounds a second time, and it's better. Maybe. I can't tell anymore.

So now I'm going to go read a book and drink coffee I ground myself while it rains outside. You can expect that this will be what I'll be doing with my time for, oh, the next six months.

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