Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 10-11-2009

  • 09:03:52: @SkyeDestiny 8D 8D omg I love scrubs so hard. "I was shot!" "Check the poo~"
  • 10:35:24: omgawd, LJ comm maintenance is annoying. No wonder challenge comms always run down.
  • 14:47:12: it's beef jerky time!!
  • 19:21:44: @ashleyjanne do you want a portfolio site, or do you just need file hosting with gallery previews? Cuz that's LJ Scrapbook.
  • 23:14:15: itchy itchy itchy so itchy
  • 23:26:28: @ashleyjanne there is no easy way. you need hosting & a url & someone who can write HTML & CSS. It costs $$ or sex w/ nerd boyfriend.
  • 23:32:50: @lazycheskie omg you whore, don't tell me to scratch it, i'll cover my skin with sores! effff yooooou

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