Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 10-10-2009

  • 00:27:41: I just signed up for NaNoWriMo. Two thousand words a day? That is CAKE!
  • 03:15:38: Does anybody out there know how to blow glass? Cuz seriously all I know I learned at historical Williamsburg @ age 11. #nanosea
  • 09:28:14: being a morning person just feels SO WRONG.
  • 09:48:13: huzzah, I have psoriasis. Ugh, I hate being in a body, it's tragic and horrible and disgusting.
  • 11:24:44: @iArchilochus it runs in my family. Considering my level of awesome it was only a matter of time. Time to invest in some serious makeup.
  • 12:56:50: @ashleyjanne i hope you took pictures.
  • 12:57:09: @diplobrat An X-man covered in red flaky peeling skin lesions? HOTTT.
  • 13:32:49: ugh. i just want to crawl in a hole and die and/or have my mommy and daddy take care of me.
  • 16:03:09: @iArchilochus Well, you could never call me "miz" again.
  • 23:16:42: chocolate pudding is good, but i'm afraid if I twit about eating and craving it, someone will make poop jokes. ...oops.

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