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From Twitter 10-09-2009

  • 08:14:54: @diplobrat I still need normal casual nice clothes, and a purse and jewelry. But you shouldn't feel pressured if you don't wanna!
  • 10:21:29: @sconepop what the what???
  • 11:19:27: @sconepop omg AWESUM/terrifying!
  • 15:30:21: @diplobrat so omgomgomg how was DAY-ron?
  • 17:14:20: @jamiewatson watch out for those tiny koalas that infest your kitchen cupboards! http://bit.ly/2y3SK2
  • 18:07:36: so sleepy, augh
  • 18:53:07: hey guys did you know that I'm so tired that chopping things for a salad is TOO MUCH WORK compared to my hunger level?
  • 18:53:37: I am trying to make myself stay up so i dont wake up at 3am... AGAIN. This is a lot easier said than done.

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