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From Twitter 10-08-2009

  • 05:28:26: last night's glee was WAY too full of dramas. Maybe it was the lack of Kurt, but yeah. Meh to the Feh.
  • 06:36:52: hi i am a 12 yr old boy cuz when i type "gamefaqs.com" my brain goes "hehehe, gamefags, lol" thank you and good night i'll be here all week.
  • 09:25:10: Just spent 20 minutes making some True Ugliness in p'shop. fun times! http://pics.livejournal.com/mizufae/pic/005a37ak
  • 10:00:09: @ashleyjanne are you gonna post your fic or WHAT? Deadline's in... TWO HOURS.
  • 10:05:33: @ashleyjanne jsyk i read the typo-riddled version and it was cute and fine.
  • 19:52:19: oh my christ i shopped for like 6 straight hours. Shoes dress stockings bras gift things game jacket soap girly stuff I HURT ALL OVER

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