Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 10-05-2009

  • 03:36:34: Today I learned that the secret ingredient to yummy cream of potato & leek soup is SOY SAUCE. umami!
  • 07:34:35: omg, Elvis Costello is secretly an international art thief? I love him even more.
  • 08:49:23: @twiggymcbones no no, the bees have all flown into space to find their mothership again. They don't need air!
  • 10:01:53: @DanWarp heellllooooo Avan. *makes creepy old lady googly eyes at the pretty pretty pretty guy*
  • 10:06:54: I'VE GOT LASER EYES (hey!) http://bit.ly/2safX
  • 18:13:15: @uni0000 honey, I watched Sifl and Olly when it was *actually on tv*. My fav is: http://tinyurl.com/ytfzqy but Panda Song = Crescent Fresh.
  • 19:45:21: @iArchilochus trufax, dan schneider totally based the character of Sam off of me. >_> *not actually trufax*
  • 21:04:44: @DanWarp in my family eating a bowl of gravy is not insane. We call this "Thanksgiving".

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