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From Twitter 10-04-2009

  • 03:04:37: 3am is a perfect time to saute some chanterelle mushrooms in butter!
  • 03:53:11: mmmmmmmmm chanterelles on jasmine rice
  • 15:11:53: @jamiewatson hey if you're still alive, could you pimp the latest challenge at the GS? since you're a member & all.
  • 15:17:58: New FANMIX challenge up at 5432! http://bit.ly/40DACP I'm psyched, I hope lots of people participate! PLZ RT
  • 15:49:58: @DanWarp An Evening of Fine Culture and Spaghetti Tacos at Dan's House: The Movie.
  • 22:10:31: @jamiewatson omgomg we have 101 members! PARTY POST TIEMS???

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