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From Twitter 10-03-2009

  • 00:34:14: What is this, Horseville? Cuz I am surrounded by naysayers!
  • 00:52:09: @Wilkin Is it as troublesome to you as it is to me that I identify the most with Tracy out of all the characters?
  • 07:26:02: @jamiewatson poke poke don't forget the prompt inspiration post tonight
  • 07:44:53: @jamiewatson oh noes now I am imagining you in a smexy french maid uniform. 'tisn't right.
  • 08:22:07: @aletheajoy holy moly AWESOME. THE VOICE OF ZIGGY READ YOUR BLOG. I am in awe. Shock and awe.
  • 08:30:18: @jamiewatson sinus pressure and/or nose-gremlins. Possibly an imbalance of the humours, also.
  • 08:31:05: okay okay gotta go not be around the 'puter now. *takes deep breath*
  • 18:36:02: boo, Missed new iCarly at 5, will have to wait for PST showing at 8. LAMESAUCE. no internet for me.
  • 20:50:50: @iArchilochus oh hai thar.
  • 21:33:09: http://twitdraw.com/5ta4j9 Waterfall & Mountains in Early Fall, dedicated to Bob Ross. #twitdraw

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