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This is smallified, the actual image is somewhere around enormous dimensions, I suggest clicking on it to check out my obsessive texture work. Fun with faux finish brushes!

The helmet and frilly stuff will be totally redrawn, it's currently just a trace of a source image. Hopefully I'll manage to figure out how to draw some floral decorative stuff that actually look slike a combo of Sam's hair and lots of AV input cords and stuff. That'll be hard/annoying/fun/really awesome in the end.
+ = ???

The purple porcupine is also obviously just a tenous sketch, but, SURPRISE, porcupines have *actually* been used in heraldry before? Who knew! And yeah, it'll be purple, eventually.

I dunno what sort of helmet to have. I wish there was some sort of Official Seddie Hat. o_0

Most proud of: the Puckett & Benson banner, which I drew from scratch and didn't trace from *anything*. Booyah.

Also, since last you saw, I totally redrew and colored a new fencing sabre and fork. It's actually a civil war cavalry sabre and a serving fork from crate & barrel! The meatballs were also all flipped around to the same way, and I fiddled with a lot of my linework, and finished the supporting animals.

So yeah. Progress continues. Normally you have the whole crest sort of resting on/in front of a bit of landscapey grass stuff. I would do a Seattle skyline, but that would be AWFULLY detailed. I'm thinking, maybe, like... Puget Sound, somehow?? We'll see.

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