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From Twitter 09-27-2009

  • 01:31:35: @TimmyMojo how can you not have known this? It's why victorian "doctors" got away w/ giving ladies orgasms for "health". Best scheme ever.
  • 01:50:24: hooray i thought my tablet drivers were borked (a known bug that's unfixable w/ my config) but it turns out i just needed a reboot! ^5
  • 06:54:16: Charlie & Lola is THE BEST SHOW EVER. It makes me so extremely happy. I know it's for 5 year olds but I want the DVDs if they exist...
  • 07:08:13: @jamiewatson I like them BOTH (& Sizzles)! The opening credits for C&L always make me weepy. It must tap into an old memory or something.
  • 07:59:58: detailed diagram of Freddie's many eyebrows: time to make it??
  • 18:48:32: @aergonaut well sweetcheeks, if you'd marry me, I'd cook for you. As long as you did the dishes~ *creepyface*
  • 21:09:33: @DanWarp @VictoriaJustice is gonna to whup you in the followers dept., it's true. You should pretend to be a pretty lady! That'll show her.

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