Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

Day Two

A meme stolen from umbreons!

Day one. A song
Day two. A picture
Day three. A book/ebook/fanfic
Day four. A site
Day five. A youtube clip
Day six. A quote
Day seven. Whatever tickles your fancy

This ridiculous monstrosity is what I have so far for the Sam & Freddie coat of arms. Those wrinkly gold things are *meatballs*, people. The border embattled (those castle-looking lines) stands for having endured many battles and also represents the element of fire. The diagonal blue stripe traditionally stands for a knight who is on the defensive, but also, of course, is Freddie's backpack strap.

Eventually on one side will be a stag rampant (one who only fights when his hand is absolutely forced, plus associations with high culture) and the other side will be a boar rampant (fierce, loyal, delicious).

I'm not sure about the fork and the saber. I'm going to have to figure it out and probably redraw a lot of it. This is all really annoying and fidgety work and I'm not comfortable drawing long, smooth lines on my tablet. It took me about forty five minutes to make the shield shape. I'm most unhappy with the border embattled. And the colors are of course entirely off, the end result will hopefully be full of texture and much more subtle.

Um, anyway, yeah. A Picture. there you go.

If I hammer this out and I actually manage to work out a style and technique I enjoy and don't find insanely tedious, I'll get to work on my own coat of arms. Hint: peacocks are involved.

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