Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 09-26-2009

  • 03:15:27: omg Sweeney Todd is the bloodiest movie! I had no idea. They must have had an oil tanker of the stuff.
  • 08:19:20: jesuschristgoddamn headache headache headache WHY?? ugh, sleep is sposed to help headaches not make them worse and then you wake up in pain.
  • 08:40:26: and now I want pumpkin pie. dear world: stop being so imperfect. yours, Sarah.
  • 09:08:48: @lazycheskie you will super appreciate a post I just made in the iSpeeddate thread. and now, I try to get more sleep. THX tylenol.
  • 10:33:34: rageface! 5432 has had 89 members for too long. SOMEONE NEW JOIN! I need round numbers like some people need caffeine. Better: 11 newbs, plz
  • 11:44:56: http://bit.ly/zuvmT JOIN IT OR DIE.
  • 11:50:37: erm um stupid auto-shortening of urls... that link leads to my iCarly LJ comm 5_4_3_2, jsyk
  • 17:14:48: @lazycheskie FREDDIE GAVE SAM A BAG OF BACON. I *AM* PSYCHIC.
  • 17:39:40: well. *buckles down for the shipwar*
  • 21:39:46: @stepheniealice actually idunno, @Danwarp keeps tweeting and replying to the crazies to placate them and to the nice ones to encourage them.
  • 21:40:20: @stepheniealice if @Danwarp can stave off a shipwar, I'm mailing him a painting. Heck, might do that anyway.

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