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From Twitter 09-25-2009

  • 01:42:05: @aergonaut lies! I shall rec things to you. what are you in the mood for?
  • 02:43:36: i have been battling with a pickle jar for the last 10 minutes. the temptation to wake ian up and make him open it is growing stronger...
  • 04:39:41: @raxvulpine lol gurl you seriously want to follow my iCarly fandom BS filled twitter? to each her own! :P
  • 07:02:13: it's prolly just the hormones talking but I'm getting kinda sick of browneye + amethysts default LJ icon. It's been my default for YEARS! :O
  • 16:55:57: @jamiewatson yarrr, hugs! or, er... something... (feel mo' bettah!)
  • 17:22:52: and behold, because of something that happened while I was asleep and then busy, I am now the VILLIAN! >:U ain't my fault, peeps, srsly!
  • 18:32:24: apparently YCC grew a pair of balls and actually banned a guy for his constant bashing and flaming. (cont.)
  • 18:32:50: then the guy came back under a sockpuppet, flamed me AND YCC. banzored again? I *think*? idk I was ASLEEP!
  • 18:33:33: And now he is all "I am a seddie matyr!" and I am like "o_0" because I complained about him WEEKS ago and then made my peace 2 days ago.
  • 18:34:14: seriously, I promised to ignore his existence, and I did. Magically, he's now banned! I should ignore people more often. :P
  • 18:43:56: @jamiewatson shows what you know. I've already got a mustache!
  • 18:53:45: @FrannyxPwns yeah, that dude. i promised to ignore his existence yesterday but it's hard to when everyone is asking me about him!
  • 22:04:43: @twiggymcbones how can someone be on twitter and not know what monorail cat is? He will take me to heaven when I die! http://bit.ly/AyfI

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