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From Twitter 09-24-2009

  • 03:22:41: just made an impassioned plea against opposing shipper desires and irrational guilt and groupthink in the #seddie forum. i am ridiculous.
  • 03:54:28: Katamari FOREVER (*ever!* ever! ever. ever eeeeveeeerrr......)
  • 06:57:27: dude seriously my body just wants to be awake from 3am to 8am, and sleeping at every other hour. Clearly, I am a hamster.
  • 07:48:42: made my twitter profile all watermelon-y. @mizufae CLICK IT.
  • 08:59:28: ok twitter is being fail, my delightful watermelons have gone away and i cant bring them back. BOO ON YOU, TWITTER
  • 15:00:27: huzzah, watermelons have returned! idk man, twitter hates me sometimes. just like momma!
  • 15:00:57: @twiggymcbones omg. your bg IS underage girls in panties, wtf, WHY.
  • 16:57:31: apparently I think I run iCarly fandom. Who knew? I mean, of course I do, my word is law! It's certainly not my opinion or anything.
  • 17:08:56: did you ALSO know that "pulling shit" involves wanting people to not be dicks and follow the rules? get thee to the wank comm!
  • 17:14:17: @Slicknickshady i'll pretend that you don't exist if you promise to pretend i don't exist. I sent YCC that PM 2 weeks ago, he never replied.
  • 17:15:47: @Slicknickshady I propose a mutual twitter block, as well. Your vitriol is really getting to me. Taking it to the mods: how I roll.
  • 17:19:49: @SarcasticLeaves do you do the AIM thing? I wanna ask you some questions about fun things and seddie things.
  • 17:21:04: @Slicknickshady thanks. I don't like hatred in any form. I have a lot of it inside of me and I'm trying to deal with it healthily.
  • 17:30:28: @aergonaut seemingly YCC is unaware that the P in PM stands for PRIVATE.
  • 17:31:57: @SarcasticLeaves booo. gmail chat? er... email? uh... gross yucky skype? I have a proposal.
  • 17:38:21: @SarcasticLeaves no, it doesnt. too public, not enough characters allowed. as mutual leaders of icarly fandom we must form a cabal.
  • 17:40:02: @SarcasticLeaves would you email me? it's just my username at gmail dot com. we can do it oldskool penpal styles.
  • 17:43:50: @aergonaut that's why I don't have snow leopard. And I bought CSS legally! i just dunno where my install disks are.... :(
  • 17:49:28: @LindsayLoFAN that is WAY too logical.

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