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From Twitter 09-23-2009

  • 03:43:38: tried my hand at being diurnal. stayed up for 30hrs, bedtme at 10pm. Woke up bright and clear at 3:30am. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH
  • 04:16:58: hooray, baby panda checkup video: http://bit.ly/LbHyL
  • 07:48:33: in a weird mood: posting faux timecube comments on MetaTalk.
  • 08:03:40: aaaaaand got called out on it. man, srs bsns is everywhere. Can there be a non srs bsns place that's not CRUEL and full of vindictiveness?
  • 09:39:02: @DanWarp only if it's fat Elvis and not skinny Elvis. And if Sam steals all his peanubutter bacon & banana sammiches.
  • 11:14:54: @aergonaut what sort of tea? can we be tea buddies & sip the same beverage states apart? @_@
  • 13:51:11: omg i'm so sleepy
  • 20:04:39: @lazycheskie hamlet isn't so bad! it's full of crazies and swordfights and poisonings and stuff. comparatively, it's quite the romp.
  • 21:29:03: @lazycheskie cheat! rent the Kenneth Branagh version and watch it. It makes understanding the play way easier.
  • 21:29:26: @lazycheskie and there's nothing wrong with watching the movie AND reading the play.

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