Mizu (mizufae) wrote,

From Twitter 09-22-2009

  • 02:02:00: i have to stop poking my nose in places I so obviously do not belong.
  • 02:26:47: angry. GOD i'm angry. why the hell am I so angry? I just want to break things and hurt people. shit. leaving didn't work.
  • 02:27:21: today was supposed to be good and then SO MANY BAD THINGS happened, and they are all unrelated! ffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkk!!
  • 02:58:11: @aergonaut tell me that you all love me and that i'm good for the fandom and that i'll be incredibly missed and that also I am pretty.
  • 03:06:11: @aergonaut I can't, I run a fucking comm. I'm an idiot. And you don't read my LJ enough. rageragerage
  • 05:57:08: being nocturnal on the west coast is lonely as shit. shitty shit shit.
  • 07:33:56: @uni0000 no no, you see, i need to be friends with people in japan, so their primetime aligns with mine.
  • 13:58:57: @spongebobglav thx babe
  • 18:08:43: @bruindude92 Are you shooting film or digital? I'm super curious! (I almost majored in photo in college.)
  • 20:23:18: @stephie_xx that's cuz i flounced like hell and flocked the picspams. iCarly fandom is mean=iCarly fandom doesn't benefit from my hard work.
  • 20:27:46: @drewtoothpaste tweentercourse? the tweet with two backs? the horizontal tweet? deep tweeting? hot tweet injection? twanking?
  • 20:30:59: @drewtoothpaste also, THANK YOU. I made http://itsportmanteau.com/ and I'm so happy to see that word in use. Coatrack'd!
  • 21:21:55: @stephie_xx the caps still exist and anyone can get to them if they have half a brain, though.

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